Ditch your goals and to-do lists, create the story of your future instead

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Brought you by Transformational Story-telling

Come and explore the potential world of your future with us on Tuesday 25 October at The Open Coöp with Claudia.

11333594_1411169415876121_852686393_nDuring this session Claudia will share ways to help us get beyond plans and to do lists and discover a way of creating the story of our desired future and helping us step onto it. It is a highly practical session where we will need to engage with your dreams and plans in order to move ourselves along further into our own stories.

The session is ideal for anyone who struggles with moving forward from knowing what they want to do. It will help each of us create a story with concrete steps that can be taken immediately afterwards.

Claudia is a business growth coach who specialises in working with creative entrepreneurs and design professionals. She is professionally trained as Co-Active® Coach and brings a result-focused and fresh thinking approach. Claudia holds a business degree from the University of Innsbruck (Austria) with a concentration in Strategy and Marketing. She is trilingual (German, English, Dutch) and lived almost 5 years in Asia (Guangzhou and Singapore).
See you on the 25th!

When: 25 October at 19:00
Where: Open Coöp, Tolhuisweg 2, 1031 CL Amsterdam
Entrance: €10.00 (cash only!)
RSVP: info@davidchislett.com

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