Doing Things You Didn’t Expect

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They say life’s a dipping curve ball baby and I have always been able to attest the same. It’s not like I had a particular plan or was ever particularly sane. It’s rather just that when I stand back, I am never too sure how I came

The stepping stones are clearly laid out. A guest lecture here, a talk there. Then I wrote a book that aimed to share what I had learned. Those became workshops, presentations, consultations. Those became training skills, training jobs, workshops presentations. Those ideas sparked new areas to train and over the years it grew.

mc grammarThen I packed it all in and walked away and after some wandering around came to old Amsterdam. The first work I could get was teaching Business English to adults looking to expand their language skills and work for international affairs.

One of my brothers taught English for years. Many of my friends have done it. I know school teachers, lecturers, corporate trainers and speakers. I never thought I would find myself one day teaching English.

I mean, it makes sense. I guess. I love the language. I know a lot about its history, its permutations, its weirdness. I consider myself an expert user. But I never knew that much about its building blocks its grammar. I had the native speaker’s instinctive grasp of what works and does not.

Although now I see why some of the things I have done are wrong. Sorry sub editors. I thought it was called personal style. I never did like swallowing it as a grammatical error.

I spent a lot of my life doing whatever I wanted at the time. Music journalism, artist management, promoting and booking bands. Then I spent another chunk chasing a particular plan: publishing books, going pro with speaking and ending up training. This is the first time in a long time that I am doing something I didn’t really expect. Something I have resisted along the way.

I was told I could teach. I said no thanks. I was told I would be a good teacher, I laughed no thanks. It was suggested it would support my travelling ideas, I said no, I’ll find another way. I always thought my ego would be a problem, I always thought my lack of grammar would be bad, I always thought that I didn’t want to tread a path so well worn.

Well, look at me now, doing the unexpected.gramma

And loving it.


I only learn by making my own mistakes.

Some take longer than others.

  1. Maicol

    Enjoyed the beers and talk after ending my english course yesterday. Training suites you well, it’s done enthusiastically with indeed a great deal of knowledge. For me the authentic way in which you teach felt really good and made me feel connected. Curious what comes next on your curly road? Keep me posted

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