Doing Your Own Thing

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David Chislett with Henry Rollins
What? Us? Boring?!?!?!

It seems everyone really wants to just do their own thing. At least that’s how people react when they hear about my life and my history.

Which makes it doubly amazing when you see how few people are actually doing it.

Most of us have fallen for the big lie which says that you just can’t: That you need to be gifted, special, rich or lucky.

One friend in particular spent years calling me lucky and saying I always landed with my ass in the butter. It’s easy to say that from the outside I guess. When you cannot see the hours of effort and planning that go into those ‘lucky’ breaks happening.

Truth is you don’t need to be or have any of those things. Of course having them helps. Of course being white and middle class in this world of ours helps. But go back to the 2 Questions. Once you know how much you want something and you start actually making your way through the steps you NEED to take in order to get what you want, things have a way of snowballing.

Live at the Belville Velodrome supporting The Prodigy and Faithless
Live at the Belville Velodrome supporting The Prodigy and Faithless

So here’s the truth
You don’t need to be black or white, male or female, rich or clever or famous or beautiful. You just need to make a decision, make a plan and get busy. Sociological, geopolitical factors will mean it takes longer or shorter. Your psychological make up and your bank balance will also affect your time line. But you can do your own thing.

Think about it like this: If you take money out of the equation, how do you define success?
For me, success is being able to carry on doing what I do and to continue to try new things. I am not driven by money per se, but by what it allows me to try out when I have it.

If you forget about your job title, the money in the bank, the respect of your peers… What makes you get up in the morning? How do explain being successful if you can’t refer to financial benchmarks?

That’s how you do your own thing. Find the things that you would define success with and go after them.

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