Down To The East Side

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Day 5 of my holiday and definitely starting to chill out! PE was absolutely awesome. A big Vote of thanks to the N-MB City Project crew for the hospitality and help with a workshop as well as a place to stay!

Yes, I know I am supposed to be on holiday, but I hardly ever get to PE (last time was exactly 12 months ago) so when the chance came up, I did in fact do a workshop. And what a cracker it was… 43 people, full of pertinent and perceptive questions… they grilled me for nearly 3 hours.. it was awesome!

43 People at PE Money Trail workshop, awesome!

While in PE I went to a couple of movies: Avengers is great, go see it. Battle shop was, well, pretty much what you’d expect. I t was fun, but nothing to write home about As always it intrigues me prowling around PE. The two years I spent there, finishing high school really changed my life. It was here that I leaned to play guitar and bass, read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and was generally crow-barred out of the “popular, rugby playing” mould that I had fallen into at school. I became a real outsider and learned to love it.

This house is where my best mate Julian Kievit lived (below). Here I learned to play guitar and bass, wrote poetry, read books about reincarnation, astral travel and the illusions of the physical world. This was the time in 1987 and 1988 that the person that I have become truly began to emerge. This is where my mental/spiritual side was given the chance to dominate instead of being held in check by my physical, sporting side. Sure, I was still an athlete and captained the team and wonderful colours, but my life was focussed on music, writing, acting and exploring the intellectual boundaries and limits of my thinking and my beliefs.

The place where many, many things started!

So, 0once the workshop was done, it was time to leave PE, and this morning consisted of a very relaxed 3 hour drive down to Knysna. The Jimny has been a pleasure, really nice on the open road. However, if one drives anything over 125km/h, fuel consumption really gets bad! So I have been a very responsible citizen on all 1500 km’s I have driven so far this holiday in order to conserve fuel.

Am chilling in Knysna for a few days with my good friend Marc. Guitar playing and exploring quite possibly the order of the next few days.

Happy Thursday everyone! If you haven’t already done so, please head on over to If you buy a book now, it is 1/3rd cheaper than it will be in the shops from end June AND you get to collect your autographed copy at the official launch party as a special invitee or if you are out of JHB, get it posted to you, signed, as soon as it arrive hot off the press!


Jimny the road warrior

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