EETB Pilot Launch

Entreprenuers Emotional ToolboxThe Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox is officially in its launch phase. Today I introduced the book to the incubator hub where I flex desk with a pilot share and coaching offer.

This stage of the journey has been a big learning curve for me. As a solo-operator, too often I have just done what I thought best. In this environment however, the opportunity for co-thinking and collaborating is too good to be missed.

Thus, two weeks ago, I had a brainstorm with a few of the other entrepreneurs here at AimForTheMoon in order to look at what other people thought about the opportunities for coaching, workshops and presentations that my book represents. That brainstorm culminated in a soft launch here at AFTM complete with a customised cake and a short presentation.

I realised that its hard for me to talk about my plans and my assumptions. It’s not that I fear my ideas being stolen or not taken seriously. It’s more like I fear my logic and thought process being questioned, or even worse, proved wrong. As if being right is more important than getting it right.

The brainstorm was illuminating. I realised that I mostly operate like a bull in the china shop: if there isn’t a way, I focus on making one, instead of first scouting he land to find a way and using that bullish energy intelligently and in a focused way.

A great example of co-thinking from this entire process is this cake. With the book cover on it. Seriously, I would never think to do such a thing. But someone Femke Storm at AFTM did… and it looked great and was well received. It added a value, a detail, that just rounded everything off nicely.

Having just written a book for Entrepreneurs you might think I should already have mastered all this stuff. But actually, this is the beauty of doing these things: you cannot know everything, and you will learn new stuff with every step of your journey… as long as you pay attention and keep looking around you. This is just one such step for me, and I am happy to learn some new tricks.

This is the first phase in the journey that will explode with the official launch of the book in mid-September. Keep checking in for details or sign up for my newsletter and get your own invitation via email.

Until then, keep on keeping on!

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