End of An Era

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On Friday a companion of nine years bit the dust. They had served me well, drawn attention to me, had fun with me, and generally been a very close companion. It is without doubt the article of clothing that I have been photographed in the most since I have been back in JHB and finally, I wore it out.

I was given this shirt as a staff shirt by the Cake Group when I worked with them in London in 2003. It was a silly joke about our role as photographer escorts at the V Festival. Literally, as an escort, you spent most of the day In Security: i.e.: behind the security cordon. Anyway, I loved it and wore it to bits!

So, farewell my dear insecurity, you served me well. But that rip under the arm cannot be repaired and its out with the trash you go!

The Infamous Insecurity shirt does its last turn before being condemmed to the trash can of my personal history

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  1. Sam

    You could just go and get another one made

  2. DavidChiz

    I have seriously considered this!

  3. Anne

    Wow…….Cake. That was a long time ago. Good quality shirt. 🙂

  4. DavidChiz

    Indeed! Very weird!

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