End Of Days

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Oh look, its Friday. How did that happen? This Friday brings me to the conclusion of the training contract I have been working on since March and by implication, an end to my current stay in Bloem.

Saturday I play a set at the Shanty Village stage of the Emoya Voetspore Festival and Sunday I am back in Johannesburg.

Back In Bloem
It is not since 1989 and 1990 that I have spent so much time in this little town. And but it has grown. Still friendly, still fun, but MUCH bigger. To be honest, I kinda disappeared down the rabbit hole here! Stayed in the guest house and worked, didn’t really go out much. I was in Cape Town for 4 weeks and played 5 gigs. I have been in Bloem for 8 weeks and my total will be 3 shows…

BUT I have also got a huge chunk of writing done on my novel project and got a few other ideas firmly underway. Time well used. I’d like to claim that I have also got very fit and trim, but that would be a lie!

Voetspore Festival
Saturday sees the large Voetspore Festival taking place at Emoya Estate on the outskirts of Bloem. Wow, what a place, check out its website! It’s an annual arts and culture festival with music, fashion shows, craft market, art and all sorts.

They have a weird kinda shanty town section and there is going to be a stage there where I will play a set at about 11am on Saturday morning… poetry in the morning for the masses! hehehe Should be fun!

I have got 4 new songs, 3 of which will get their maiden voyage under way on Saturday. One of these new ones is without doubt the best song I have written so far!

Concluding At The End
This year is basically over. I have essentially only worked on two things all year. My poetry book and this training contract. Unusual to be so focussed for me. Its been powerful though and I have learned a lot. I have some tricks up my sleeve for the remaining working weeks until December 16, but that is for another blog post!

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