End of Year Creativity Coaching Offer

Are you looking to make 2019 your year? This is the time when many people look to set new goals, establish priorities and think about improvements in life and in work.

Creativity routinely appears on lists of the most Must-Have skills for professionals of the future. If it’s not a strength, you might be thinking about what you could be doing to become more creative.

Luckily, it is not a magic trick which only people of genius can do. It is a skill that you can develop. I can help you learn and get better at.

This coaching packet will help you:

* Get better at solving problems
* Improve your processes at work
* Create an atmosphere of innovation and progress
* Invent new products/systems/branding/ideas
* Tap into your inner motivation
* Empower yourself by learning to establish new ideas
* Inspire your vision and purpose (both personal and business)


You will learn:
* Specific skills and routines that support creativity
* Creative tips and tricks
* The different products of creativity
* Conditions that optimise your creativity and how to establish them
* Your ideal creative conditions

5 face-to-face sessions
4 digital accountability sessions
Intake interview where we:
Identify your needs, set your goal and customise my approach to match

Cost: €1 000.00 excl. VAT
Offer valid until December 24, 2018
CONTACT ME to organise your intake interview or to ask any questions you have.

Download this information here:1 on 1 Training Promotion

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