English Coaching For Job Interviews

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(0r sollicitatietraining engels in Dutch)

Many, many international businesses have large offices in Amsterdam. To work at them, you have to be able to speak SOME English. Oh, and that interview? It’s going to be in English.

Not certain your “English to tourists over a beer” is going to stand up to the test? Let me help you!
I have 25 years of business experience and a Celta English teaching qualification. I teach Business English in Amsterdam for both companies and individuals. This means I am up to date, flexible and have a wide range of business experience.

I offer a range of solutions to help you prepare yourself to do an important job interview in English.
1) Vet your CV/resume.
Here I go over your document, making changes and corrections that will bring it in line with native-speaker norms and patterns.

The-Writing-Word-LOGO-high-res-012) Help you update your LinkedIn profile so that it looks right and says the right things
LinkedIn is big in the Netherlands, you shouldn’t neglect your profile.
3) Analyse the job specification and the company that is interviewing you.
This is done to help anticipate the kinds of questions you might expect and help boost your vocabulary, confidence and overall knowledgeability in English.
4) Coach your pronunciation, word choice and emphasis
Languages differ in many ways and in English HOW you say things is almost as important as WHAT you say.
5) Mock job interview
I fire the hard questions at you, query your answers and do my best to make you get confused and lost while you answer in English. And then we fix it.

I will tailor make a session for you to include as many or as few of these services as are necessary, in consultation with you.

Sessions are available as 3 hour blocks, repeatable as often as you find necessary. Contact me for a conversation about your needs and I will prepare you a personal quotation.
You can find out more about my work here on www.davidchislett.com or on LinkedIn.

Get in touch today and let me help you make the right kind of impact in your English job interview.

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