European Summer

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So, as some of you have heard from me already, or have guessed, the big trek from Switzerland east, to end up in Australia by mid-year sometime… is off! And no, I am not upset about that, because it is off for the very best of reasons.

On 1 March I will be returning to Amsterdam to spend the summer there with the most special woman I have ever met. And after that, well who knows! This journey has been a litany of changed plans and shifted objectives and I have finally reached the stage where I have taken my hands off the wheel. I am back to making decisions on the fly as they arise… and I love it!

At this stage I do not have a super clear idea of what I am going to be doing in Amsterdam, but I will indeed need to work! There will be long weekends in other countries and more general mayhem as I seek to complete work on the rewrite of the novel and then start the decision making chain about whether to self publish it or to find a publisher that is willing to put it out.

I’ll be making music, taking up boxing again and generally living life to the full in a brand new place and learning a brand new language (well, not quite brand new… who knew Afrikaans would come in so handy!??!!) One of my oldest friends lives in Amsterdam as well…he’s the guy that taught me to play guitar back in ’87 and my longest standing song-writing partner, so I am hoping there will be lots of music!

Amsterdam is an amazing place. And no, I am not referring to marijuana and hookers! It is an art and intellectual centre and its politics has influenced thinking and governance across the globe for hundreds of years… (think Spinoza) I am looking forward to making a home in a new city and a new country.

After being out of SA for 10 months I have started to feel like a new person on many ways, so a new life feels kinda appropriate. I will be in SA later again this year though, so don’t panic anyone, OK?

I see bicycles in my future....
I see bicycles in my future….

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