Everything Hurts

Dominic is one half of the electrodub duo Binary Dredd. Having been inspired by the Joburg 90s rave scene and the seminal works of bands like The Orb, Laurie Anderson and The KLF, the two wannabe rastas settled on a style halfway between the buildup structure of rave and the smooth groove of reggae. Now almost three decades (and many, many movie samples) later Dominic is still chasing that elusive perfect blend of kickdrum and deep dub delay.

"I've known Dave since the early 90s when he submitted some articles for our short-lived fanzine MIMIzine. It's been great to get inspiration from his poetry - especially the parts about us feeling old. Everything does indeed hurt. So why not take this hurt and spice it up with a dope bassline and some guitar skanks and make an uplifting ode to quinquagenarians?"

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I hope you enjoy this collab and the video.

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And here is the full text in case you want to read it at your leisure and not while watching the video:


Everything Hurts

You might've thought by now

I would have drunk myself to death

A fall, a fight, a car around a pole

But instead, I continue to stutter forward

Because of




Everything hurts

From my toes through to my back

To the guilt I harbour

For still being alive

For being happy

For getting away

You can’t escape your paradigm because

Wherever you go,

There you are


Teaching an old dog tricks

Has turned out

Surprisingly rewarding

It’s just the ghost of who I was

That wakes me up bawling

Everything hurts

Muscles in my leg, my shoulder

The headaches from too much reading

Every good I do now

Built on a foundation of bad

That wobbles under the strain

But the pain is what keeps me

Showing up and putting out

It tells me I’m growing

That my posture is changing


When I lie in bed at night and everything creaks

I’m grateful

I’m still here

So that I can change




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