Faceless With Faithless

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The last original band I played in was an outfit called Anti Gravity in Cape Town in the last days of the 90’s… We were a hard big-beat band. A 3 piece combining heavy rock guitar with Prodigy-esque programmed beats. I played bass and provided backing yelling, Danny Goldstein was on guitar and Trenton Birch handled the vocals.

Our 15 minutes of fame came when we opened for Faithless and The Prodigy at the Belville Velodrome in 1999 (I think!). It was the gig that signalled the death of the band in SA, but it was a great show. The first 4 rows of all the Prodigy’s 15 year-old fans spent our entire set screaming at us to get the fuck off the stage! But everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

When we came off stage there was a slim, quiet black man watching. “Wicked gig,” he said to me as I bailed off stage. Later, backstage, I realised it had been Maxi Jazz who had watched our entire set from the wings back stage.

Fast forward to 2010 and Trenton, living in London, has out a new band together called Trenton and Free Radical. He hooks back up with Mr Jazz and voila, you have this lovely song here, check out the video!

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  1. Chantal Dawtrey

    The serendipity and synchronicity of life. Snapshots that link up and reveal something bigger, greater, more wonderful than we ever believed. What if we could at the first blink compress all those snatches and see them then in that moment. Would it blow us away or scare the living daylights out of us?

  2. David

    Indeed… the issue is most often not a lack of opportunity but that we are all too often bad at recognising opportuities for what they are…

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