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Find Structure – Find Creativity

Find Structure - Find Creativity

Creativity as a concept seems to be very tied to chaos for many people. So much so that when I describe my highly structured creative routine or suggest that their creativity would benefit from some more structure, people look at me like I am nuts. But I am adamant: if you find structure, you will find creativity.

Creativity cannot exist in structure… wrong!

One of the key features of effective creativity is Harmony: a balance, a resonance that holds all the elements together. In musical terms, the combination of simultaneously sounded notes to create a pleasing effect. This is a key musical structure and something that adds complexity and depth to any composition.

The beauty of structures of all kinds is that they add complexity and depth to whatever they are concerned with. In this sense, structures can be best deployed to achieve harmony and do not guarantee Homogeneity as so many people seem to fear.

No man is an island said the poet John Donne and it remains true until this day. Waiting for the flash of inspiration that will save your business, disrupt your industry, create a new product or improve your service, is doomed to failure if it does not exist within a structure.

This is because structures provide support, automated processes and tools. They also create a holding space in which you are free to address the issue at play.

Creating Structure

At school and college, you often hear students complaining that their creativity isn’t given free rein, and that their assignments are too limiting. As I have gotten older and more experienced, I have realised that exactly the opposite is true.

A strict brief, a time limit, limited materials permitted, or most options ruled out means you have to be REALLY creative in order to come up with something new, useful and applicable. These strictures work much like structure: providing a form to work within to incubate ideas.

Of course, the joy of structure is sometimes smashing it, splitting it apart and deviating wildly. These moments provide wildfire ideas that run counter to the trend and are often rewarding and invigorating. But if there was no structure to kick against, would you ever have these ideas?

These are among the many reasons why I prefer to work with structure. Next time you feel restricted by an imposed structure, maybe you can try out thinking about it as a harmony inducing mechanism, not a homogeneity enforcing one.

If you want to find out more about discovering structure that will work for you, please CONTACT ME and we can set up a discovery call.

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