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2011 really started out with a bang, as opposed to the customary whimper, and I was convinced a bumper year had arrived on my doorstep. While I remain pretty sure that extraordinary things are going to happen, it seems quite HOW they will happen is going to be very different from what I thought in the 1st two weeks of January!

It seems the global recession is not quite done with us and has in fact taken a long time to trickle down into our neck of the woods. Maybe the world cup did us at least that favour, shielding us a tad. So, despite the talk of upturns and positive signs, out here on the streets it remains pretty bleak. This can be seen in the immense amount of chatter and promises being made, versus the relatively small amount of deeds being done.

I don’t just mean in my neck of the woods, but in general, all around me, affecting all the entrepreneurs I know. It’s hell being self-employed sometimes. When times are bad, you are generally super exposed and niche markets while often sheltered can be badly over exposed when times get rough.

None the less, I do have progress. I am VERY close to re-releasing “A Body Remembered”, my short story collection, as an e-book… not long now at all. My poetry anthology is now in the last throes of editing and layout is in progress. Sales of “1,2,1,2” are ticking along nicely, thanks again to everyone who has been buying it!

King Pie has come on board with two of my projects and we will be holding the first ever King Pie Business of Music Workshop in Alexandra township on Sunday February 27. We are also releasing a very exciting online project with King Pie and in the coming weeks, more later!

Over the next couple of months I will be travelling the country giving talks and workshops. If you want me to come to your town, email me on info@davidchislett.co.za   right now I am finalising Cape Town, Durban, PE, Bloem and Nelspruit.

So, keep on keeping on, and I’ll be back with more news soon!

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