Focus (on what is important)

The life of a solo entrepreneur in fantastic, exciting, flexible and sometimes damn hard work. Literally everything needs to come from within you. Especially when deals are thin, and clients are few.

Recently I spent some time applying what I train to myself, to get more creative with staying focused and committed to growing this business of mine.

These are the five key things that I now use to keep my head in the game


This one is old news, but I find I am a lot like Pavlov’s dog… I used to fight against this aspect of myself, but now I am glad of it. It doesn’t matter what goes on around me, if I stick to a routine, bell rings, work gets done, simple.


I read a huge amount… about my subject, around it, about other things that people recommend. In this world, anything that talks about the future, is going to have fuel for my fires… be it psychology, business advice, brain science or economics. I just keep on feeding the fire with reading.

Networking events

I am not the most efficient networker. I focus on making solid contact with just one person… and not always for direct business reasons. However, I find guest speakers, conversations and locations tremendously inspiring… sometimes just the font a speaker uses is enough to justify the event for me.

Accountability partners

I only started doing this quite recently. I now have two people with whom I check in on a regular basis. We chat about our work, new ideas and thoughts. We share information and intentions, and then we check up on each other to see if we’re pushing through with what we said we would. Very cool.


This is brand new. After realising that I pretty much only remember my own bad news each week, I decided to start writing up my wins: gains or successes form the week. Then, each Friday I share them on LinkedIn… not in huge detail, but in broad lines. SO far, I tis proving to be a nice addition to my self-support system

I’d love to hear what YOU do in the comments.

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