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The smidgen of work that was the workshop in PE over, it was off to Knysna and some seriously relaxing time with Marc. Marc moved to Knysna last week, so I was his first house guest!

I love the drive from PE to Knysna… scenic, fairly short and absorbing. The mountains and the sea and the forest all make for a great backdrop to the normal internal mental rumblings of the driving mind! The Jimny and I covered the distance in about 3 and a half hours. Again, never pushing it, just cruising along at the speed limit. I have found however that the Jimny uses more fuel at the most… The jets sets for thin highveld air and the higher octane fuel seem to combine to reduce fuel consumption by around 2 kilometres per litre… very weird!

Marc at The Knysna Heads

Knysna is an awesome place and Marc and I toured around the obvious spots gawking… the lagoon, the Heads, the Waterfront. Had an amazing breakfast at Petit Paine on Friday and some awesome tapas at Tapas in the evening. I was amazed at how being in a smaller town immediately made me feel more relaxed and more like I was on holiday… even though I went to movies and chilled out in PE, being in Knysna just felt like more of a holiday overall… very odd.

In our rovings we also met up with Aldo Kleyn… he of the leatherwork and someone I first met working the Bruma Lake flea market when I was a student! Aldo has the most incredible success story, taking a tiny leather shop to the states and position where he now sells clothes to huge international stars. A photo was non-negotiable!

At Aldo Kleyn Leather Creations

Saturday we hit the Sedgefield market… It has grown a lot since I was last there. The food section remains impressive and I bought a few snacky things and was impressed by the range and depth of selection. The craft section though was pretty much as if someone had moved the Rosebank Roof Market to the sea… pretty uninspiring! It does seem that, the longer a market survives, the more homogenous it becomes!

Then we took a drive back up the N2 past Plett to Bramon Wine estate for lunch. Oh my word, I love this place! Firstly their Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine is amazing and secondly, their tapas style farm menu for lunch is out of this world. Lastly, eating lunch actually IN the vineyard is something I was amazed to see for the first time… it seems so obvious! Sitting in between the rows of grapes was like having your own private dining booth. Oh, and the two waitresses were efficient, fun and seriously good looking, which rounded it all off nicely!

The Bramon Sauvignon Blanc bubbley!

Sunday morning I was up nice and early to head on down to CT. An interesting mishap where my keys ended up inside the Jimny while it locked itself had me calling out the AA and the Knysna locksmith, but all was sorted painlessly enough (Thanks Conrad) and the 280km to CT undertaken.

More road works and heavy mist meant the drive took 5 and a half hours. But again, the scenery is such that I didn’t really mind. I had Wasabi peanuts and biltong to keep me happy and the iPod back on shuffle so I had a wail of a time!

I will be staying in CT for a day or so before heading out to Stellenbosch and the wine-lands… more wine farm adventures to come!

Tail end of sunset over the Knysna Lagoon

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