From Wild Youth to Neue Wilde: Michael Flek on Creativity

This creativity interview is an experiment in including sound, photos and the interview into one little package. And the interviewee is Michael Flek: probably best known as the front-man of Durban punk band Wild Youth and one of the central characters in the documentary film Punk In Africa.

However, Michael didn’t stop playing music once punk had shot its load… he has kept on playing and recording and has an impressive creative CV. His latest musical project is called Neue Wilde and this album is getting good critical responses and downloads.

The thing about Michael is that he has been generating his creative catalogue since the late 70’s and comes from a completely unschooled musical background. This and the fact that Wild Youth were just damn fantastic are the main reasons I wanted to interview him. You can find some old Wild Youth records for sale here. And for the historically minded this link is a short film on Wild Youth from 1979!

The full Neue Wilde album is available both physically and digitally here.

Both Wild Youth and Neue Wilde are available on Spotify as well.

To read the full story of the Neue Wild project, just click through here.

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