Get Creative: Be Bored!

On the 31st of October, I posted a blog on creativity entitled: David Chislett’s Creative Juice 5 Step Maintenance Programme. The blog basically shared some tips on how best to get in touch with YOUR creativity.

When I shared the link on my Facebook page, one of my friends, Hanu De Jong, replied saying he needs to be bored before he can come up with new creative ideas. I thought about it for a bit and realised he was no doubt right… unfocused, hanging around, doing nothing in particular… that is a good state of mind to be in to find inspiration.

Hanu is a musician, now based in New Zealand and the founder of a great band called The Narrow, who have been pumping out albums and songs for well over a decade. He should know!

So, when I saw the video below from Manoush Zomorodi, a podcast host and author of ‘Bored and Brilliant’, I was really, really intrigued. There are so many cool things about being bored! Of course, as a Gen X-er, I am always going to click on links saying CELL PHONES BAD! Particularly cos I am really addicted to mine. Anyway, watch the video, some very powerful stuff in there!


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