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All three of my books published thus far are now available for FREE download from this website.
David Chislett Poetry
This is something I have wanted to do for a while now. It is especially important as it is no longer possible to buy physical copies of 2 of them and you have to be in Amsterdam for the third.

The book are available as simple pdf files. All you have to do is head on up to the SHOP tab above and click on it. There you’ll see the books.

There is also a bonus give away in the form of 3 illustrated short stories. These are tales from my book A Body Remembered and were illustrated by the illustrious Christopher Moon.
A Body Remembered
Please feel free to download, send the link to your friends, indeed, spread the books far and wide. Or not. Maybe you want to keep it all to yourself. Like our little secret. I’m cool with that too.

Note that the music business advice books, ONE TWO ONE TWO is now 6 years old and the digital chapters need revising. Also, while written for South Africa and with South African examples, the principles in the book are universal and will help all and any newcomers to the music business to get a better handle on the mechanics of the business outside the music.
1,2,1,2: Guide to the SA Music Industry
It would also be very cool if you signed up for me newsletter. Just drop your name and email address into the fields below the tab here on the right which says NEWSLETTER. There is a new book coming and a new project starting, plus a new take on the poetry book, so plenty of goodies still to come. And of course, newsletter subscribers get first hit of everything!

Enjoy the books
Keep in touch
Speak soon

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