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For nearly a year prior to my book “1, 2, 1, 2” coming out in September 2010, I have been shopping around trying to land a major sponsor. My idea was to create a national road-show of music business workshops to help educate our youth about the business. Needless to say, this is something I have yet to pull off. Seems CSR budgets are welded to marketing ROI these days. Did that mean nothing to you? Well, you’re in good company!

So even though just about every brand I have talked to has loved my book, my ideas and who I will be talking to. Not one has the budget/courage/vision to put their money into the project. Which was making me pretty despondent. Until now that is.

Now I have developed a nice little model where I hook up with people in a town, we book a public workshop, we co-promote. I get in touch with local high schools, universities and colleges and go and talk to their learners. I talk to the local media, book shops if I can. And voila, we have a nice little 4 day visit to a town where I reach a lot of youth, sell a few books and hopefully get the music blood flowing.

I just came back from Cape Town where I spent 5 days doing just that. What an awesome visit. Thank you Adam Haupt @ UCT, real Rozzano, Angela @ PANSA, Nick Evans, Evan Milton @ FMR, Kevin Winder @ Mercury and Clive Smith @ Bush FM! I also got some key business meetings in which hopefully will also start to contribute to this method.

This coming weekend, 25 and 26 March I am in Bloemfontein. I will be on O Fm at 10:40 am on Wednesday 23 March, speaking to the entire student body at grey college on Friday 25 march and then I will be on air at Kovsie Fm at 13:15, before visiting as many book and music stores in the town as I can. Then I am doing a public workshop at Die Mystic Boer at 3pm on Saturday 26th. If you’re in Bloem, come along and say howzit. If you know people in Bloem, send them, it’s going to be fun!

I am busy organising PE, Durban and Nelspruit, so watch this space. And more importantly, if you are in a town and you WANT me to come, get in touch on: I am very keen to so as many of these visits as I can!

I kinda feel like I am back in a little garage band and we are DIY-ing our way around the country from cell of interested parties to cell. It’s great. Its 1 to 1, intimate, personal, connected, word of mouth, friendly. It’s also impossible to demonstrate value or measure its impact. And this is what all those sponsors have been missing: it IS impossible to track. That is what makes it so powerful!

Stay tuned, I will be giving more details as we go!

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