Getting More Or Less Social?

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So, I have been trying out some new stuff on Twitter… all the stuffs the pros have been doing, you know? Hash tags, regular tweets, proper shortened URL’s and stuff. Wow, it has been fun but man, you have to be ORGANISED to do this properly!

I also have my doubts about how effective it will be in the long run BUT it is something new so I am trying it out! A couple of mates have pointed out that anyone who is following for my normal inane random banter is probably gonna feel a bit alienated by me trying to sell my books, my apps, my consultations. Well, maybe. But it snot like I am stopping the inane banter and replacing it… More like supplementing with a more direct message.

Things is, with Twitter, if you don’t see it, you miss the message don’t you? How many of you go back further than a few minutes on your feed? Very few. So you gotta bang on about it. And most peeps are not on the thing 24/7 are they? Are they? Please god day no!

Some time ago already, I came to the reluctant conclusion that Facebook and Twitter only really served serious business ends. Sure, I get some social stuff out of them, and it is nice to stay in touch with friends overseas. But mainly it is a business tool for a person like me.

And that doesn’t mean it is impersonal or anything. Quite the opposite actually. It allows me to get in touch, dialogue with and start to understand my market. But it DOES mean that there is no place for “woe is me”, or “What a crap day” type posts. Well, I don’t think so.

So, bear with me if you do follow me on social media, I am trying something out. It does seem to be working though. On Twitter my following has grown and it is a nice, chatty following and no-one seems to mind the increase in business chat. Most of the people I follow do more or less that same thing anyway!

I’d love to hear what you think about this position and my new activity, (if you happen to have witnessed it) how do you ‘use’ social media? Or is it a purely reflexive random part of your life? Or are you hopelessly addicted? Tell me all about it, go on!

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