Going Digital

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One of the things I end up talking a lot about to clients, musicians and anyone else who asks, is that the record industry made a big mistake by resisting the onslaught of digital until they did.

What I mean is that, by going after the pirates so hard, buy effectively criminalising their target market, they lost so much time and ground, and that their businesses may be compromised forever. A lot of people now know they don’t need a record label to get a career in music off the ground. What they should have done is asked themselves why suddenly everyone was so happy to rip their music. Why didn’t people WANT to buy CD’s anymore? but they never did and even today their digital sales are not as good as Indies because they are still too expensive.

Over in the publishing world a similar revolution is brewing. The kindle, the Sony reader and the iPad are about to change publishing forever. Those who jump aboard this boat now will no doubt reap long term benefits. Those who stick their heads in the sand, claiming “people will always want an artefact, a book” will lose out when they are eventually forced to migrate. I am not saying for one second that books will disappear; they will certainly reduce in volume compared to digital however. Already Amazon is selling more digital than physical books.

It is with this in mind that I am taking the steps to re-release my books as e-books as well as publishing all new projects both physically and digitally. This has many advantages, but the two big ones are dual incomes streams for sales and an international reach previously unattainable.  When I say I want to take over the world, I mean the world really, not just South Africa!

So, I will shortly be re-releasing “A Body Remembered” as an e-book, with some very cool additional content (to be announced! Hehehe!) and my poetry anthology will be simultaneously released as an e-book and a physical book. This is going to be fun! Of course, as reader here, you will be the first to know when it all happens!

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