Going Up a Koppi, Coming Down a Mountain

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I was trying to work out how many Oppikoppi Festivals I have been too… I think this was no. 12 or 13. No matter how much the festival changes and improves, it always stays the same. Awesome weekend.

This time I got invite to hang on the balcony of Koppi founders Tess and Boors’ house and take in the atmosphere. An honour and a privilege and one I enjoyed immensely. These two people are hardly spring chickens and yet, there they are, poring over the line-up with Evan Milton and Therese Owen, asking what are the must see acts for the weekend.

When I first started booking bands I always dealt directly with Tess and I took Scabby Annie to the Koppi a couple of times as a result. It was a welcome retreat into memory lane to reconnect.

The Bushveld Cinema Film Festival idea worked really well. Plenty of people made special missions to come and see specific movies and I am certain we will continue to grow and develop the idea for years to come. Because I was MC-ing the movie stage, I really didn’t see too much else around the festival, but of course, sooner or later everyone comes past the top bar so I did get to see a good few faces and reconnect with out of towners.

I definitely spent too much time with Senor Cuervo and Mister Windhoek, but it was all good as my mate Bill Botes put it, “Oppikoppi is like a weekend long free zone. No-one expects anything from you.” Thanks Bill!

So thanks again to Oppikoppi for just existing! But to Carel and Misha for liking our cinema idea, to Haddad for running with it, and to everyone that came to watch the films: Spanks!

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