Growth That Adds Value

All things being equal (having the money, the tools, the help that you need) where do you want to be in the future?

This is the real question Creativity answers. Sure, we can dream and spout any number of wishful-thinking scenarios, but HOW do you make them real?

To realise growth, we need to focus on behaviour change: our own, and that of the people around us. To be able to do that, we need to understand our relationships and the values that we have… that is where growth lies.

Creativity is the start point of a growth model: it is the ability to imagine a future that is removed from our present. But more than this, it is also the ability that allows us to plot a course from where we are now to that imagined future.

All too often we stop with the creativity after the idea has been formed, instead of pushing through with that thinking to the natural end. Too often we forget that HOW we do things can be as innovative as WHAT we do, not to mention WHY.

Creativity is just the start point of a relationship with change, with the future, with your image of what is possible and not possible. It is a force that can mould and adapt our interior dialogue in a way that changes how we act in the world.

We are not forced to accept as true most of the things that we do accept. We could question them. Questions that throw up alternative answers, new approaches, different considerations. Creativity will get us to that point, and without creativity, you will not survive the resultant confusion.

Sure, creativity is at the root of problem-solving, solution-finding and fixing things… but what is most powerful about it is the ability that it gives us to influence the future. Above all else, this is why you need to be creatively activated: so that you have a hand in the options that become available to you and your business.

But mostly we’re not in the habit of thinking that way. We have made out thinking streamline and efficient which means NOT questioning much of our thoughts or ideas. That needs to change.


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