Guest Blogging for Gary Cool

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Gary Cool from 2Oceansvibe Radio  asked me last week to write a couple of guest columns for HIS blog, so I duly complied. We met a couple of months back when he interviewed me about my poetry book and CD for his show… it was fun, so we kept in touch.

It’s been fun writing in a slightly different way to what I do for my own site. The purpose of MY blog here is way more aligned around my books and writing andnot so much about the stuff that my old blog, The Chiz was about. ie: ranting about themusic industry.


So if you have been missing all the fun, go and check them out:

Bitching about Metallica and The BIG Concert? This is for you!

The South African Music Industry’s BIGGEST Problem!

It’s been a gas so far, and I will certainly continue to contribute. Gary is having fun with the titles and I am having fun airing some wacko opinions about STUFF. I see skinny jeans in my future


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