HAPPY 2017

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Lankawi Chinese LampsHappy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017! I am still on Holiday for another week so my working here hasn’t actually started yet. In addition I have no new year’s resolutions to announce… nada, nil!

What I wanted to say though, was that I hope all of you who read or have ever read this site, tackle 2017 with a Can-Do spirit and some real plans of action. I am kind of over hearing about how much 2016 sucked in the echo-chamber of my social media feed. Not that I am unsympathetic to the many people that experienced real hardship but that I am alarmed by the degree to which this has turned into mass victimhood and self-disempowerment.

It is therefore my wish that we all realise just how much this public airing of grief and disappointment is being reinforced in these cyber echo chambers and how much of a negative effect it is having on all of us.

Lankawi Chinese lamps 2I am going to be spending a lot less time on social media this year, and I hope all of you can too. The time I will be spending there will be more about actual contact and messages to people who are geographically removed from me. Secondly about creating events and activities that bring people physically together.

We are all aware of the illusion of connection that social media brings. In 2017 I am acting differently.

I will be seeing you or talking to you.
Looking forward to it
Until then,
Happy New Year!



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