46-years-old today… and for the first time in my life I actually feel like I am getting old. Not in a bad, depressing way. Just a certainty about the fact that there are things that I am just never going to do again (and thankfully a lot of them I don’t want to do again!)

The lead up to this birthday has been trying. All the physical signs of being in your mid-forties have reared their head:

David Chislett with glasses

My new all-intellectual look

I had to get reading glasses
A hearing test confirmed that I have lost a significant of the top range of my hearing
A trip to the dentist reveals much work to be done
I tweaked a muscle in my upper thigh while training
I still can’t get below 5 minutes per kilometre, no matter how hard I try!

But I also have all the mental signs of aging:
I am calmer
I think harder before I act or open my mouth
I rely on a huge bedrock of experience and knowledge
I have a global network of amazing people who care about me and my welfare
My work, after a radical transplant to a new country, language and culture, is once again bearing fruit.

On the balance, I’ll take the mental stuff over the physical.

If you’re in Amsterdam, on Saturday night, come and raise a glass with me at Checkpoint Charlie.