Happy Creative People

Mini-C, or everyday creativity, is often identified as the creativity inherent in the learning process…. The necessary factor that is present when you make a realisation: A + B = C, If C is something new to you, you have literally created it.

In a similar way, choices are creative acts. They are conscious acts that are creative because they result in actions that lead towards goals that change our lives. We literally envisage a future that does not exist and decide to act in a way that will bring it into being… A highly creative act!

Because these goals come from within, we are intrinsically motivated to pursue them, (for and of themselves rather than because we should/must). Realising intrinsic goals gives us a sense of well-being and satisfaction most often know as happiness.

This kind of creativity is a pathway to a sense of purpose that can lead to happiness… It is through free will that we act, based on our free choice. But, our decisions and actions are all influenced by our experience, background and culture. Given similar information and situations, people will choose very different things and see very different things.

In this all-important sense, we literally create our own perspective, based on where we come from and what we already know. This is why it makes sense that those who consciously and deliberately make choices and follow a course of action to realise them, experience more positive feedback. People who merely do what they are told and do not work towards their own vision of life will never experience this kind of purpose.

This is one of the primary reasons why Creativity is a key component of happiness. Mostly, we are unhappy because we feel powerless in the face of limitless choices. Lacking any tool or razor to separate the options into good or bad, desirable or not, we subside into miserable inaction.

But we can use creativity to imagine a future or path and this imagine path becomes a tool that allows us to notice options that serve that purpose and those that do not. This simple creative act can clear up confusion and make navigating our complex world far easier than before.

Creativity is literally the faculty that sets us free from undesirable situations. We’re all capable of imagining alternatives, too few of us ever act on them fearing perhaps the loss of even the tiny bits of happiness we already have. Or doubting probably the validity of our imagined future.

But the key here is the sense of fulfilment and happiness that working towards the goals we ourselves have created. This is a happiness not reliant on rewards, favours or randomly assigned achievements. It’s a happiness that we simply have, because of what we are doing.

People who are happy in this way are very difficult to control because their motivation is intrinsic or internal, not an outside something that can be used to tempt and bait them. They also already HAVE the reward, the path makes them happy, not only the goal at the end of the path.

Simple, repetitive, everyday tasks take on a different feeling when you know they are a crucial part of achieving what you want to achieve. This is what is commonly referred to as Flow… and what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote about in his book of the same name. Check it out, it’s THE link between being happy and being creative.

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