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For some time I have viewed Mondays as the perfect opportunity for new beginnings. When things aren’t going 100% the way you might like, a new week is a good chance to get up 5 minutes earlier (or later) and do something different in an attempt to change directions.

So, Sunday nights for me are often a time of reflection where I try and work out what the root of any niggling dissatisfaction is. If I can find it, I mull it over from all side and think about the possible permutations. Once I have decided on a range of possible responses, I release the thought to my subconscious/unconscious and go to sleep.

Then, when I wake up on Monday, the idea is to make your first few actions the new ones, before you settle back into habit, before you have a chance to think too hard about what you are doing. Once this is achieved, it can be moved around to a more productive time of day if necessary.

Right now I am in new and unfamiliar settings. This is a situation that, by its very nature I find unsettling. The easiest thing to do is become aware of the uncomfortable-ness of it all and wallow in it. The trick is to see it and continue to do the things that one knows are good for one. Like writing, exercising, eating well and so on.

I see the lack of my blogging recently as evidence of this lack of comfort. Yes travel has been amazing, but it does by its very nature, disrupts those healthy habits I have put in place to keep me sane, happy and focussed. Part of me becoming more at home where I am now and for the next 3 months must, therefore, include putting those healthy foundations back in place.

So, hello Monday, here is my first blog post for December 2013!

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