Hello 2011

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New Year’s. Whoever came up with that concept? I mean, could you think of a more arbitrary device for structuring your life’s path than New Year’s resolutions? Me neither. However, I must admit, as far as devices go, its both easy to use and easily available, good things both.

This year I didn’t make any resolutions. Thankfully I don’t have to anymore. It’s true. I know where I am going and I know what I need to do to get there. So any resolution would only ever involved doing more of some things and less of others, which are not resolutions. By now that’s just common sense!

I am glad to see the back of 2010. Not because I am an Afro pessimist and not because I am just not a football fan. But because 2010 got I my way! How dare it! Seemed to me that most marketing and arts related businesses held their breath from January until June 11 2010, waiting to see if we could pull it off. Then they partied until July 12 and then were hung over until end August and then from September until 24 December tried to do the whole years work. Sucky. I had better things to do than wait for that 4 month rush!

So this year, I am looking forward to a lot of interesting projects finally seeing the light of day. Its true, 2010 wasn’t a total right off. I published “1,2,1,2”. Punk In Africa is now in post production, filming is over. I got my workshops sorted out. I got my key note address sorted out. I got all my new book ideas sorted out. Now, I just need some concrete things to happen and the ball is well and truly rolling downhill.

The best part is that just about everyone around me shares my sentiments about this year being a big and good one. Mainly cos many of us were similarly frustrated last year, but also because well, nothing except 2010 seemed to happen in general last year.

What this means for you, oh readers of this blog, is more blog updates and more news and more fun things to come and do with me. I hope you are enjoying the ride so far, I certainly am!

Happy 2011, go forth and conquer!

  1. Marina

    Looking forward to more blog updates, fun things and enjoying the ride!! This is most definately the year!!

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