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Hello Friday my old friend, come and give me one of those big bear hugs of yours!

Big week. Stuff is definitely moving around in the ether and I can’t say I am unhappy about that! Work jigsaw pieces falling into place, personal projects coming along nicely, personal life looking good. Yeah, I’ll take Friday thanks!

I am away this weekend, courtesy Skoobs Book shop and Southern Sun Hotels:  A bit of an escape for a couple of days to recover and reconsider. It was a big time diverse working week: writing a few chapters in the new book for Fluid Media, leadership training with Sasol, materials development with Dev and Design, guest lecturing at the Academy of Sound Engineering. Today? I have 1 meeting! Rocking!

Of course this is always cause for reflection in my upside down world. The life of a freelancer is a weird place. Never seems to be nicely consistently OK… feast and famine, feast and famine. Repeat ad nauseum! My notion that this is somehow a reflection of my on state of mind does nothing to encourage me in facing this dilemma, but I am determined to sort it out one way or another.

It’s my birthday next week. I have no idea how I got to be this age! It’s great, I am enjoying my life like never before, but really? 41? When did that happen? The biggest joke of it all is that, thanks to Martin Schofield, guitar maestro and uber mensch, I am now finally writing songs on the guitar that WORK! Maybe that solo album will happen this lifetime after all! thanks Marty, you rock!

So I must go pack my bag now. Enjoy the weekend. We’ll talk again once I am a year older!

  1. Michele

    Hi there:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Hope you had a great weekend. Don’t stress about being 41! I am 51:) and not at all phased about it – age is JUST a number. No biggie:):):):) However, it is downhill all the way now:)


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