Holy Cows

Josuël Rogers a.k.a Da C.H.A.O.S.  a.k.a Buck Rogers developed a love for hip hop in the early 90’s and eventually started rhyming and writing in the mid 90’s. He was one of the founding members of the St Maarten HipHop Foundation and the St. Maarten rap collective known as Foreign Dialexx. He is featured on St Maarten’s first Hip Hop album titled Paradise. Around 2005 he became less active as an artist and mostly does features upon request.  His love for the culture inspired him to found HipHop Culture Coaching a training and coaching company that combines coaching and the Hip Hop culture in order to strengthen communication within teams and empower youth.

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I hope you enjoy this collab and the video.

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And here is the full text in case you want to read it at your leisure and not while watching the video:

Holy Cows Remix


So you think this is holy?

This thing that is possibly

The only thing that has ever

Wholly been yours? 


Off course it’s mine

A creation that took time

Universe fishing, the hook line

The sinkers irritated by all you thinkers

You critics quit it!


We may not poke holes in it

Nor poke fun at it

Nor disregard it?

But I don’t understand

If it is so holy

Why are you sharing it with us?


Cause it’s the greatest gift

To you creatures who lust

For power it closes the rift

Of greed for knowledge in glut

To n I tire of your sloth

Wrath for that which you disguise

Envy in your eyes

Swallow your pride


You don’t know us or our ways


If this thing that you made is so holy

That would imply a godlike source

And you are no paragon

Of any virtue that I can see

You’re just like me

And I’m grubbing in the mud here

Trying to figure it all out 


Kindness, patience

Is that what this is about?

Temperance born of chastity

Negligence of my charity

Due diligence fittingly

What I expect is humility

There is no comparing you see


Just because you think you’re better than me

Doesn’t make it so

Far less does it make what you write

Some cannon from on high


There are no holy cows

There are no lines that cannot be crossed

But that doesn’t mean I don’t care

That I don’t understand

But it does make me wonder if you do



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