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There’s no doubt about it, I am a Jozi boy! Back after ten days on the road I almost welcome the dry cold!

This was an Epic trip for which I need to say a BIG thank you to the N_MB City crew, Lance and his gang at MIDS, Red Bull Studio, Algoa FM and grey High School. Being in strange beds in half familiar cities for nearly two weeks was fun, crazy, disconcerting and oddly rewarding. I met some amazing people and did some great business. I also, as always, learned a lot!

The road-tripping is coming to an end though! I am going to be in Grahamstown at end June for ten days and then do the KZN Imbizo and then, if you want me, you’re gonna have to fly me in I am afraid!

For now its great to be home with my cats and my plants (Thanks Liezel) with the chance to catch up with friends I have been neglecting (sorry everyone!). i run such a strict schedule at home it was nice to break it for a while, but I am already feeling comfortable again in its predictable embrace. I have a book contract to fulfil and a work book to finish and a novel to sink my teeth into!

There is also BIG news coming on Punk In Africa as well as a new film project, so watch this space, we are taking over!

So , meantime, see you at the bar, but i have work to do!

  1. Marina

    yay!! You’re back 🙂

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