How To Become a Freelancing Rock Star

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This week the live activities around The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox kick off with a session at Freelance Masterminds featuring the Rock Star Rules and the EETB.

This is going to be an interesting evening as it is less workshop/presentation that an interactive session where I will be sharing the cores ideas behind my Rock Star Rules concept while linking that to the content of the Emotional Entrepreneur’s Toolbox in a very much question and answer format, with some fun exercises thrown in for good measure.

The session is organised by Keen Folk which is an Amsterdam based company focussed on helping freelancers and entrepreneurs get the most out of themselves and their work.

They host a regular Mastermind group aimed at building a community of self-employed thinkers that help each other, share information and grow together. I like all of those ideas which is why I am so happy to be there on Wednesday evening presenting the Rock Star Rules.

If you are not on Meet-Up and want to come, drop me an email and I will pass your request along to the organisers. Numbers are limited as it is an intimate space and group, so get in touch quickly if you really want to come.

If you cannot make it, or the event has filled up already, don’t despair, there are more events coming up over the next 4 weeks, you should be able to make one of them!

I am really happy to be getting out and about with the book now that it has been released. It’s always fantastic to be able to speak to real people and the actual challenges they face after spending a lot of time in my own head finalising the book. I hope to see some of the readers of this blog there.

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