How To Take Over The World… for beginners

The first step to taking over the world is to establish if you really, really, really want to. How? Well, run a few scenarios about what you will need to do: how hard you’ll have to work, the people you’ll have to deal with, the weight of the admin once you’ve done it and so on.

If your enthusiasm starts to wane once you get into the scenarios, you know how much you want to take over the world. Probably not very much really. And that is the secret to getting what you SAY you want.

There is a difference between what we SAY we want and what we are prepared to do. Think of most of what we say we want as ‘nice-to-haves’ while what we are prepared to act on a more like ‘must-haves.’

Ask 2 Questions

Anytime you feel you might be confused simply ask, ‘What do I want?’ and when that’s clear, ask, ‘How much do I want it?’

It’s important you put your best energy into the stuff that you consider must-haves and considerably less into the things that really, deep down, are nice-to-haves.

It’s important because, once you know what you really want, you are going to need to put energy into getting it. Depending on what your dream is, you’re going to need things: skills, networks, assistance, money, maybe some luck and so on.

Acquiring the skills and saving the money are going to take time and dedicated action, so you’re going to need a plan. Of course, you know you won’t have a million bucks this time next week, so you need to work out how you’re going to save and invest and also grow your income to increase your potential. At the same time, you will take courses, set aside practice time, read, think and rehearse.

How To Get Lucky

What you will next discover is that, while you are busy getting better at what you do, and copying those who are even better than you, you seem to be getting luckier. Things come easier, go faster than expected and suddenly people are making remarks like, ‘Wow, you’re really gifted,’ or ‘Are you some kind of genius?’

You just smile and keep on keeping on, knowing that the only difference between you and them is this work you’re doing.

Are You Some Kind Of Genius?

Soon you’ll find that that complex tasks or actions that used to require much focus and concentration, are possible almost on autopilot and that, while you are doing them, you have so much more time to think and anticipate. Suddenly, you are innovating, extrapolating, improvising and it all looks like a well-organised machine.

This is how you take over the world… whichever world it is that you covet. Be clear, make a plan, act and repeat and repeat, constantly keeping an eye out for minor improvements and efficiencies, fine-tuning and stretching yourself almost every day.

Before you know it, you’re the king of the mountain. And no, it wasn’t magic, luck, natural talent or god’s will….

You just read something on the internet and then went out and DID something with it.


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