Humans! Get It Together Man!

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What I learned in the last 5 years is that if you really want something, you need to put together a plan, allocated sensible amounts of time and just go for it. I’m not going to get into the metaphysics of this; it’s just an observable phenomenon I have learned about.

What I have been thinking about as a result is this: The Human Race needs a mission statement or a 5-10 year plan or we are fucked. As far as I can tell, we have no ultimate goal as a species. Many people talk about God or being a better person or acquiring wealth. If there is anything that is a mission statement about how Western society operates, it is to acquire material wealth at all and any cost.

Now the weird thing about this is that, whether you are religious and believe in some form of after life, or not, all people agree on one fundamental point: Your stuff does NOT go with you.

So what’s the point? I am beginning to think that this is why our world is so sick. Because there is no point. There is no overall guiding light to being human that lets most of us get up every day and go, “Yeah, it’s OK, I don’t feel too good but I know that we are working towards…”
This train of thought got me through some rough shit the last 5 years!

What would a species have as a mission statement?
Shoo, we could pick loads.
Intergalactic travel
Free Medicine
Freedom from hunger
But because of the capitalist imperative, we laugh at all these things. But capitalism is laughable. All it has resulted in is predictable and repeated booms and busts that denigrate the ordinary man and benefit the already super rich. This is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

It is time for ordinary people to stand up and say enough and to change their own behaviour. Nope, it’s not about electing a leader or voting for another party or becoming a crusading avenger for environmental rights or anything. Just change the way YOU behave
Stop obeying and consuming
Stop hating your fellow man
Stop abusing your immediate environment or using products that do
Stop voting for or obeying people who lie steal and pillage
Accept responsibility for your decisions and work to change what you don’t like
Stop relying on others for answers. You have a brain.

We have to admit that this situation is a mess. The banks are destroying us. The corporate system is robbing us blind and actually ruling us, not our governments. We can stop this. But we are so blinded by the toys and the sweeties that the system offers that we reject out of hand any suggestions of alternatives. Every time I have a conversation about this stuff with someone I am dismissed as naive, foolish and somehow ignorant. Yet the self same people complain bitterly about their meaningless lives, their punitive taxes and the general mess that the world is in. It’s your fault. YOU support it by continuing to buy into it, both literally and metaphorically. We are not drones. We do not have to serve the hive like we do. Its time to start thinking harder about what else we could be doing, how else we could be living.

Remember, religious or not, we all accept that you can’t take it with you. So you have to leave it behind. What would you rather leave behind? A pile of money for people to fight over or something that made this world a better place?

  1. Tania

    Wise Words! Now if only more people catch a wake up……

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