Innovation Brainstorm? Stop Wasting your Time

You may have seen this video from Simon Sinek on Love and Leadership:

What really resonated with me is that so many things are like this: they just cannot be measured at a point in time and quantified or evaluated. Like innovation, creativity, change… they are all a moving target.

What this means is that you need to be engaged in a routine and repeating way with these kinds of topics. It simply is not realistic to have a workshop, an intervention, sprint or brainstorm around these ideas and then expect things to just change.

One of the most boring principles of innovation is that it needs to become part of the daily, or at least weekly, routine of everyone concerned. Because, just like everything else in life, you get better and better at thinking up and refining ideas the more you do it.

Also, through repetition, you create an idea-friendly environment where people feel safe and confident to share their ideas, no matter how whacky they may at first seem.

I always mentioned the Tom Peters quite, ‘It’s not the competition you know about that kills you.’

This quote is so powerful for me because it highlights a fundamental truth about innovation and change… it is the unexpected, the unlikely and the unknown which disrupts markets. Predictable development is different to disruption.

To get to disruption, to take your offering to a level where there is just NO competition, this does not happen overnight or by accident, it takes consistent repeated efforts… it is a process.

This means you need to look at

  • Management style
  • Talent acquisition
  • Innovation scheduling
  • How you measure ideas
  • Development process

If you’re doing the same as your competition, you’re not going to win!

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