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sleepI’ve always been a good sleeper. An early bird yes, but not because I cannot sleep. But the last few weeks (I have lost count actually) I am experiencing something new.

I now wake up every morning somewhere between 3:30 am and 4:30am, regardless of how late or early I go to sleep. (And apparently regardless of levels of sobriety or otherwise)

I have been advised to just get up and see what happens. I haven’t been though, which has led tome then falling very deeply back asleep and waking up like a Grizzly with a really bad hang over. Which takes a lot of energy to control.

A neat side effect is that I have a near permanent tic in my left eyelid and I have constantly scratchy eyes. Otherwise, I have plenty of energy, can still work, run and generally continue with normal life.

I read an article online which said something about impending spiritual awakening… but that just seems daft after this has been going on for a month or so! I just have no idea of what to do. Tiring myself out with running, working hard, drinking late or watching bad movies just has not worked.

I’ve had periods of weird intermittent sleep before. They last a couple of weeks and pass. As yet I can find no direct correlation between seasons, stress or bad habits. It’s just like some kind of really long and slow biorhythm. But this one has hung around way longer.
The other option is of course that, now as an official old codger, I only need 6 hours sleep. I stepped down from 8 to 7 around 40… do I need to step down another hour 6 years later?

Any thoughts? Anyone?

  1. Melanie

    I have exactly the same thing happening except tic is in the right eyebrow. Maybe it’s an indigo thing. Maybe there are strange things at play to make the strange people’s brains play. Maybe it’s just not enough sex

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