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I am very pleased to announce that, from 1 September, I will officially be working with Simon Hodges and Transformational Story Tellers.

simon hodgesThe group has always been dedicated to the art of story-telling and helping any and every body who wants to be able to tell their own stories. Simon’s workshops have helped business people who need to be more creative with talking about their businesses, and creative people understand the ideas and emotions that join their work together. All in all, the group has helped a lot of people develop as story tellers for business, pleasure and art.

I will am joining the set up in order to support the community with more socially oriented events that mean we can come together to inspire, motivate and support each other in our work. Our stories contain vital information that can develop independent, entrepreneurial and creative thinking in Amsterdam. So we want to use the community space to maximise that power.

To this end, we will develop our calendar to include more diverse and frequent sessions. These will include evening workshops on creativity and entrepreneurship, an expanded programme of guest speakers and community sharing activities and sessions.

WorkshoppingWhile Simon’s full-day story telling workshops will continue, the more social sessions will provide a meeting space to foment a business storytelling culture – expressive, ingenious and effective. We hope this new set up will mean more and more people have a place to return to and grow in mutual support in their development of storytelling.

We will also be looking into ways to expand our online presence through social media and a website. This will be aimed at improving opportunities for dialogue between group members, sharing information and opportunities and generally making it easier to stay in contact and continue to grow through learning and sharing.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new faces and re-acquainting ourselves with people met along the way.

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  1. Sheryl

    How do I submit?

  2. David Chislett

    There is nothing to submit. The group is an on-going series of meeting, workshops and talks to help people get better at story telling and enhance their creative skills. We do not publish, distribute or otherwise share actual works. Or am I misunderstanding your question?

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