Just For Today

It’s always important to live in the moment, to actually witness what is happening around you. By just being present, you broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge and connect with the people around you.

The biggest risk of all our screen time is that we are constantly somewhere else. Not in the bus (so we can’t help the old person who is struggling), we are not at dinner with a loved one (so we miss their signals of distress) and we are not at the party (so we don’t meet any fantastic people).

This is not Zen or Buddhism or yoga practice. This is the pure practical reality. This is how we acquire the know-how to take charge of our choices, how we discover our options.

It is no coincidence that mental health issues are on the rise. We have never been more disconnected from the physical world around us. Instead of using our technology to enhance our experience, we are using it to replace our experience.

Stop. Look around you. Note the temperature, the colours, the smells that envelope you. Turn to look at where you came from, turn again to look at the path you intend to take. This is where you are, and this is who you are in this place, at this moment.

It is not complicated, which is perhaps why it is ignored.

Be present



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