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Just Start

Can you just start? As a writer, the most frequent thing I hear at dinner table conversations (when we had such things) when I mention I have published books is, ‘Oh, I am writing a book too…’

But on further discussion, it emerges that the person has an idea for a book that they are NOT currently working on. In fact, they haven’t actually started work on it.

I don’t judge these people. But it’s an interesting phenomenon.

Do you know what the difference is between successful creative people and people with ideas?

Just Start… seriously!

The successful people just start. They don’t worry about the end goal, they don’t sweat over whether the idea is good enough, whether they are good enough, if there is a market, or if they should first do a course… they just get going.

And along the way, they discover things, change course, adapt their thinking, drop some things, pick up new angles, experiment, learn and grow.

What’s more, they have done this so many times that they don’t even think about it when they start.

We on the outside have probably only ever seen the handful of successful things that this person has started, so we have this false idea that they only ever worked on those few things… and hence (possibly) why we DON’T just start… we are hooked up on how brilliant their few things are because we are not aware of the hundreds and thousands of failures that lie behind the successes.

Why We Don't Just Start

I don’t judge people with the ‘I also have a book’ story because:

* It’s a society-wide myth that we are encouraged to buy into

* The creative capacity is shrouded in myth and fantasy

* It requires real bravery to step into the abyss of the unknown

* It’s hard to justify the time to ourselves and others

* We don’t want to fail

So let’s look at this. Why are there so many myths around creativity? Why, as a society, are we encouraged to think of the ability to be creative as belonging only to the genius, the maverick, the weirdo, and the outsider?

Well, think about what you do when you create. You literally pull something out of nothing. You change your environment. You have control over what happens. Imagine what our society would look like if we all had control over what happened.

Whether you see chaos or paradise from the above scenario is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the status quo would be broken. THAT’s why we encourage the myths of creativity, to maintain the status quo.

When you change how you think, you change how you act. Weirdly, when you change how you act, you also slowly start to change how you think. So, literally, to change your experience, you must  JUST START… and it doesn’t matter WHAT you start or where you THOUGHT you were going, just starting will take you away from where you are now… as a person, in terms of knowledge and experience and in terms of personal development.

How To Just Start?

You need to tick a few boxes:

* Give yourself permission to play, experiment and fail

* Lower your expectations

* Find a safe, space to do this

* Enlist creative thinking partners to share ideas with

* Come back and do it again every day.

I offer a Kickstart programme to clients. This can range from a one-off hour-long session on creative processes and tools to a 3-month coaching trajectory for those who are really stuck.

Sometimes, to get started, we need an experienced hand to guide us along, and THAT is what I provide.

Don’t want until tomorrow to become a Weapon of Mass Creation. Rebel against the myths, reject the negative voice in your head, and start creating the things you want in your life.


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