Leaving the Mother City… again!

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So, I have been in CT for nearly a month. Tomorrow night at The Obz Cafe with Trenton and Free Radical will be my 9th live show since starting to work with my poetry. It’s been an interesting time to say the least!

I have learned that I need to always practice more. That even just sitting with my guitar in my hands playing anything at all, not necessarily my set, helps me improve. I have learned that if I lean into it, I can do cool things on stage and have lots of fun. I am learning to enjoy being the focus of a rooms attention (I have mostly been wary of this)

David Chislett Dolphin Inn
The view from my sundowner show at The Dolphin Inn, Mouille Point

But mostly I am enjoying seeing people get something out of my words, these poems, those song versions of my thoughts. THAT is very cool! I owe a big debt of thanks to The Book Lounge, Kevin and Crew at Mercury Live, Shannon Hope, Trenton and Free Radical, Aragorn at bolo’bolo and the The Dolphin Inn for the shows.

The press have also been really cool: The Unhappy hour on Bush Radio, Evan Milton at Fine Music Radio, Bryan at Zone Africa Radio, Jason at TwoOceansVibe and Michelle Constant at SA FM for radio airtime. And of course, Jaco Nel for the cool review in Sondag. Thanks everyone!

Soon I will be gone again. This is the longest time I have spent in CT since I lived here, and I left in early 2002… So another ten-year wheel has turned. But again it is time to say “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

The nest step in my new set of adventures sees me based in Bloemfontein for the next two months… now THAT is going to be interesting. Still working on firming up the first international legs, but more news on that later!

Happy hump day people!

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