Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

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July has been a busy blogging month. It is positive proof of the notion that if you do things, people pay attention. A quick look at my statistics clearly demonstrate this.

This blog has never really enjoyed what I would term a huge volume of traffic. But it has ticked along at a decent amount for someone who is not famous or infamous or enjoys an additional mass-media channel to complement it. This makes some of the statistics coming along from my Google Analytics pretty interesting.

So in June, I posted four pieces. The site during June got 492 visits from 414 unique visitors, 73.8% of which were coming for the first time. These visitors completed 847 page views on an average of 1.7 pages per visit, each lasting on average 1.28 minutes!

In July I published 13 posts (Lucky 13) which attracted 1171 visits from 169 unique visitors, of which only 56.5% were new, meaning repeat visitors were up to 43%-ish… a figure which makes me very happy… nice to start to have regular readers! These 1171 visits generated 2041 pages views again at an average of 1.7 pages per visit lasting about one and a half minutes… interesting non-change that one!

So, by trebling the posts, I have almost trebled the traffic… July attracted almost 2.5 times as much traffic as June. Gonna be interesting to see if this trend continues into August or if it flat-lines… how many more cool and/or exciting things can I dredge out of my past to blog about I wonder?

But anyway. This is one of the big reasons why online publishing is so compelling for the content producer: you can track its success almost in real time and to a large amount of detail. For example, I also know that in July 682 of my unique visitors were from South Africa, 175 from the UK (June was 291 and 51 respectively) and 47 from the USA. Other countries dwindle into single figures. As I start to travel, I am hoping these ‘other country’ stats will grow significantly!

I also know that since I started the blog in July 2010, I have attracted 11 285 unique users across 17 095 visits, completing 35 612 page views. The graph also definitely shows that over this four year period, my average readership is on the rise. So while these figures remain small, I am pleased that they are growing and I am definitely addicted to watching them every week!

Does it mean anything? No. Not really. It’s not why I blog. But it is interesting to see what gets traffic and what does not. For example, this terminally boring piece of self promotion will probably get very little!

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