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A limited-edition print version is born! With All Of You was always going to appear in many formats, that was the plan. But the plan was always to use the Amazon print-on-demand function to fulfil that need.

While I do still intend to do that, I made a discovery that gave me yet another angle on the book: Betty!

Betty is an Espresso book printing machine based in the American Book Centre in the heart of Amsterdam. Using betty gives me the opportunity to do something I can NOT do via the Amazon print on demand function: personalise each book.

So, I also made the decision to make the format slightly different... It's bigger, broader, with more white space about the poems. If you are a lover of physical books, it's a luxurious print option on 120g paper, perfect bound with a glossy cover... and if you order one from me, I will also inscribe it with a personal message for you.

THIS edition of the physical book will cost you

€20.00 (including postage and packaging).

No, that's not cheap.

That price gives you a unique, personalised, deluxe version of the collection.

CLICK HERE to order your copy now.

If you just want to do the normal Amazon print-on-demand option (much cheaper) CLICK HERE

And if you are looking for the AudioBook or eBook versions, you can CLICK HERE for the range of eRetailers that have the book.

And if you haven't already seen the range of multi-media collaborations that are being created, you CLICK HERE to see al the works produced so far.

Happy Reading!


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