Living Like A Rock Star

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Ten weeks ago I started posting little 2 or 3 minute videos on you tube… The Rock Star Rules. Sponsored by King Pie, these are 12 short and sharp little instructional videos intended to inform and motivate artists with some pithy advice distilled from my book 1, 2,1,2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry. The channel with all the video’s is here:

Making the videos was a lot of fun. My mate bill and I set up in my lounge and we filmed them one after the other, with me changing shirts every now and then… The neighbour’s rooster was desperate to be a part of the show and kept on crowing at inopportune moments, making the process really tricky!

At the end of each clip there is a question and viewers can then email their answers and stand a chance of winning a copy of my book. It’s been going well, although I must admit the April holidays did dent our traffic! We’ve still got a few weeks of the roll out to go, so there are still books to be won, so go on, head on over and check out Rule no.9 and see if you can win a book!

What has been very interesting to see though, is how the Rules have grown legs. I show a PowerPoint version of them before each workshop I do, and people are always fascinated. More recently, it has become a topic that I talk about with corporate, relating my experience in the music industry to the challenges of the modern business place. Seems the Rock Star Rules hold true for many areas of life. I am starting to wonder if it might be true that, if we all lived more like rock stars, more people would be happy in their lives

In any event, the Rules have turned into an interesting journey, as has just about everything that has resulted from the book, and I am very glad to be along for the ride. I can’t help but wonder though, where next this book is going to take me, and what waits around the next corner…

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