Look After Yourself… and your business

It’s been an interesting few weeks, getting the book out there. For the event on 26 October with Startup Boot, I intend to make more of a link between the situations we face when working for ourselves and the contents of the book to show how it can help with the stress and emotional distress that we can experience from rejection, failure and mistakes.

Why this focus on emotions? Studies show people who are self-employed suffer higher rates of depression and burn out than most people. We’re always too busy looking after our business to look after ourselves.

That’s why The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox is a FREE e-book that helps freelancers, ZZP-ers and self-employed people understand and combat the emotional and psychological stresses of being self-employed. It has handy tools and plans to help you avoid obvious traps and mistakes and to keep your heart and head in the game so you can achieve your business dreams.

The event takes place at 17:30 0n Thursday 26 October at StartDock, Herengracht 420, Amsterdam. Make sure you register and RSVP BY CLICKING HERE if you want to attend:

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