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Somewhere along the line I really fell to disliking going to weddings. Partly this was due to the bad music that always get played, partly having to witness some priest pretend he knows my atheist friends but mainly I guess, because it often makes me feel like the 3rd wheel, the carnivore at a hippy fest, the murderer at a wake.

I am glad however to report that the last 2 weddings I have been to have been nothing like that. I find the spectacle of 2 adults committing the rest of their lives to each other a little more believable when both parties are a bit older. I’ve been to a few 2nd weddings now, they are far more…. Realistic!

The wedding of Jonah and Nicky in Cadaques was not a 2nd wedding. It was the final turn in a long and winding road. And I have to respect that. I could see everyone there did. I was NOT the only single person, or the token freak and I met a ton of amazing people.

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps: by that token this couple is simply amazing. Lovely to meet such diverse, aware and engaged people from all over the world.
Should the miracle my friends assure me I am due actually occur, and I do get married, this is how I would want it to feel. Inclusive, warm, relaxed and friendly.

Spending 5 days with a large group of mainly strangers in celebration of this marriage, ‘Oh the pleasure, the privilege was mine!’ Thanks to Nicky and Jonah for the invite. And thanks to all my new friends: Almin, Stuart, Meera, Stephan, Alex, Rebecca, Talia, Ben, Pat n Kat and everyone else (man I have never been good with names and did this week ever prove it!)

Some photos for you to enjoy!





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