May Beginnings

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As I wave a cheery goodbye to all the public holidays of April, I am looking forward to a month of travel and work all over SA. The Calvinist in me has definitely been brought to the fore by all these interruptions and I am very much looking forward to some good old fashioned hard work during May.

The thing about being self-employed is that I can say that without a trace of irony or fear of being accused of being a workaholic. I love what I do and I do what I love. Who wouldn’t want to work? This is the meaning I have constructed in my life and I want to take it places! After so many years of wondering if all of this was going to add up to something and if there was any purpose to my workings, I am so relieved to see a road ahead of me that I get up eagerly every morning to pound it. Well, except Saturdays and Sundays generally!

The privilege of my situation was brought forcibly home to me this week. I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a training session run for SAB Miller for the Business Results Group. The idea was to use my experience in rock n roll as a paradigm thought shifter for a department in need of a wake-up call and re-alignment. It was quite an experience. I realised looking at those 80-odd people that I just don’t relate to work culture, job life and the needs and restrictions it imposes. Yes, I have always been a maverick, but to spend a day in that environment as an observing outsider was VERY educational for me!

It appears they loved it as well. Seems this rock n roll life I have led has some fruits for everyone. We are definitely going to be working hard to find ways to do more sharing of the lessons of rock!

Then from next week, its back into the music business to my neck for an epic series of workshops that stretch from JHB to Durban, back to JHB then PE, George and possibly Cape Town, then JHB again and back to the eastern Cape for The Grahamstown festival… I think I may go somewhere for a month after to recover!

So, if you wanna learn some music biz stuff, come to The Bassline in Newtown at 2pm on Saturday 7 May and signup for my Business Basics workshop, otherwise, I’ll find you where ever you are over the next 7 or 8 weeks!

Ciao baby!

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