MC-ing Megalithomania

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Hopefully you are all aware of the great big event taking place at Linder Auditorium on this weekend, 12 and 13 March. It’s called Megalithomania and is an open to the public conference featuring Graham Hancock, Robert Temple, Andrew Collins, Antoine Gigal, Klaus Dona, Wayne Hershel and Michael Tellinger.

Two days of looking into the history of the origins of human kind and our artefacts… from various, sometimes contentious points of view.

Why am I crowing about this you ask? Well because I am the MC for the weekend! Front row seats of2 days of info that I have spent yeas reading about, from the lips of the guys who have been there, looked at these artefacts and put their necks on the line asking if the official version is always correct.

It’s going to be a cracker of an event. Considering that it features 8 world renowned speakers, the price of R600 per person per day is not bad either. All eight guys speak on both days, so pick one or come to both and see it all.

There is only one place to book your tickets, so click here NOW to buy tickets and don’t miss out on a world class event, right here in South Africa. These guys are all coming here to see what Michael Tellinger has discovered, and it’s a pretty important moment in time. If you haven’t heard about Michael, then you must doubly come and hear what he has to say about the origins of human civilisation and South Africa’s role in it. Check out for more info on Michael and his books and discoveries.

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