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My guest blog today comes from American author Doug Simpson who has been extensively inspired by the work and writings of the so-called Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. This little piece is a lovely sneak preview and insight into Doug’s book Soul Awakening

Soul Awakening – Double Play
By Doug Simpson

Interesting title, some of you are probably thinking, but what does he mean? My personal soul awakening provided me with the knowledge and courage to write my first novel, appropriately titled Soul Awakening.

Some thirty years ago, my wife introduced me to one of America’s almost-lost miracle-men. His name was Edgar Cayce. He is regarded by many scholars in the field as the legendary American mystic. Edgar gave over fifteen thousand psychic readings in a self-induced, trance-like state. His trance state was so deep that, in the early days of his amazing medical readings, a group of doubting Doctors performed their own sadistic experiments on him to prove he was duping his clients. One Doctor took his pocketknife and slid it fully under one of Edgar’s fingernails. He never reacted and there was no blood. Another sadist poked a hatpin right through Edgar’s cheek. He never reacted, but there may have been a drop of blood. But, when Edgar came out of his trance state, all hell broke loose!

Throughout some forty years Edgar gave over ten thousand medical readings for people, some of which Edgar never met and who were a thousand or more miles away at the time of the reading. On occasion, in his deep trance state, Edgar prescribed remedies and prescriptions that had not yet been invented.

As amazing as the medical readings were, it was Edgar’s life or reincarnation readings that seized my attention.  Some two thousand real people requested approximately twenty-five hundred life readings where they were given information on a few of their previous incarnations that were significant in understanding the purpose for their souls selecting the particular bodies they resided in in their current lifetime. Reincarnated souls that appeared in Edgar’s readings included the souls of Mary Magdalene, Thomas Jefferson and Martha Washington, to name just a few.

If you visit my website at you can access the articles I have written on these three historical characters, and others.

Once certain individuals, interested in researching ‘the-other-side,’ were convinced that Edgar was the real deal; they asked inquisitive questions about Creation and many other topics. One answer, significant to our story, is Edgar’s account of the Creation of souls. In brief, think of God as an enormous energy field. After God Created and evolved the Earth with its animals and numerous other creatures, but no humans, God realized He had done a pretty good job but He was lonely. Man was not in the plan, but for company, God Created a calculated explosion in His energy field and all souls were Created at the same time from the God-Energy. There is much more to this story, but in a nutshell, souls incarnate time and time again to learn the required lessons to become God-like once more.

After years of researching the Edgar Cayce readings, I ‘had’ to verify my beliefs so I enlisted the services of a licensed hypnotist and experienced four past-life regression sessions and uncovered a number of my past lifetimes.

One hundred percent convinced of reincarnation, I commenced to write my reincarnation articles in 2010, using the Edgar Cayce readings. I parlayed my knowledge and experience and, with helpfulguidance from the other side along the way, wrote my first novel, Soul Awakening. It is a work of fiction but was inspired by a series of actual events. Four of the incarnations uncovered by the characters in Soul Awakening are my actual past lifetimes, right down to the name and location. For more details on Soul Awakening, see
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